Sunday, October 5, 2014

2014 DIY Creepy Halloween Makeup looks - Part II

This is part two of my DIY Halloween looks post for 2014. These creepy masterpieces doesn't require much effort or product but produces spectacularly spooky results.  Enough of the chit chat let's get straight to it. 

                The Purge Makeup Tutorial 

 This look is clearly from the movie The Purge. Using a bit of paint, eye shadows and patient MadeYewLook creates a creepy looking replica of the popular mask from the movie.  



                Cheshire Cat Makeup Tutorial 

 This look combines my love for the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland and makeup artist MadeYewlook. This spooky treat requires a bit of time and a few supplies but is well worth the effort.  

                 Jeff the Killer - Creepy Pasta

If you're going for gore or shock-factor, this look should do the trick. It may take some time, but believe it or not, it doesn't require a lot of complicated materials.Check out the tutorial by YouTube user Pinkstylist to see how it's done. 


                   Smiley - Makeup Tutorial! 

 This is one of my all time favorite DIY Halloween looks. It's scary and so different to most of the looks out there. I'm seriously considering doing this look this Halloween. This tutorial is by makeup artist Pinkystylist and it's sure to cause a stir. 

 Would you use any of these looks? What will you be this Halloween? Happy Hunting.

Friday, September 19, 2014

2014 DIY Creepy Halloween Makeup looks - Part I

This year I'm especially focused on Halloween makeup looks as opposed to getting a store bought costume. As a self proclaimed DIY addict there's nothing better that putting time and effort into your project and having it turn out amazingly. All you'll need for most of these looks is some face paint, a brush, and these tutorials. If you're looking for a few makeup ideas to scare everyone around you this Halloween then continue reading this post.


                           Maleficent Make-Up Tutorial

The first look is by Kandee Johnson an amazing makeup artist found on Youtube. Maleficent was a huge hit in the theaters this year and there's no doubt that many of you will be inspired to try this amazing look for Halloween.  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ice Cream Bread

A few days ago I found out about Ice cream bread. Intrigued I went straight to the grocery store on my way home from work to pick the two ingredients required. Within an hour of being home I began the easy process of making my very first ice cream bread. It was surprisingly delicious and didn't at all taste like a cake as I had expected. The main advantage of this bread is that it's remarkably quick. Usually when I make bread it takes so much more time since I use yeast and baking powder etc, this recipe needs none of those and requires very little preparation time.

Here's what you'll need:

2 Cups Ice Cream, any flavor, softened (I used Breyers Natural Vanilla)

1 1/2 cups Self-Rising Flour

Here's what you'll do: 

Preheat your oven to 350. Spray and flour a 8 x 4 loaf pan, or line it with parchment paper.

In a medium bowl mix the ice cream and flour together until just combined.

Scoop into the loaf and and smooth out.

Bake for about 45 minutes or until a toothpick stuck in the loaf comes out with a few crumbs stuck to it.

Remove from the pan and allow to cool (if you can wait that long)!

For best results..use full fat ice-cream!
Bon App├ętit

Friday, August 8, 2014

Green Tea the best all Natural Mouthwash

I'm a self proclaimed tea lover. What's not to love it's delicious and has a variety of health benefits. While browsing my YouTube subscriptions I came across a video by Dr. Greger focusing on finding the best mouthwash. I was blown away when he stated the tremendous benefits of  green tea as a mouth wash. Who knew that green tea is such an amazing treatment for oral problems!

Why Green Tea as a Mouthwash


The problem with commercial antiseptic mouthwashes is that they contain lots of chemicals that helps with the plague and bacterial growth in your mouth but have negative effects to your body. According to studies Chlorhexidine (CHX) which is included is many popular mouthwashes causes genetic/DNA damage.  Using mouthwash with CHX was shown to cause damage to the cells lining the cheeks. While CHX reduces plaque but the fact that its so toxic to human cells makes me wonder why it's being sold openly to the public.   
Green tea contains catechins and flavonoids. The flavonoids in the tea prevent pathogens from growing in your mouth, and can suppress the compounds that make your breath smell bad. Dr. Greger recommends that you use a mason jar to store your cold steeped green tea in. He also recommends the addition of a spoonful of amla powder to the concoction. Amla powder has been linked with a vast range of health benefits which includes  fighting off free radicals connected to cancer,heals mouth ulcers, strengthens gums,maintains cholesterol levels etc. The recommended type of powder is dried Indian Gooseberry Amla powder  The concoction can be made into larger batches and stored. If stored in an air tight container the green tea mouth wash can last up to a month.  
Attached below is the video from Dr. Greger explaining his findings and recommendations which includes scientific proof for his recommendations.

Live long and prosper

Monday, August 4, 2014

How To Be Alone

Hello All,

I recently stumbled onto one of the most enlightening and lyrically beautiful video about the value in learning how to be alone. Hopefully the video below will inspire and/or touch someone.


 Live long and prosper...


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Refreshing Bean & Corn Salsa

Here's a colorful & delicious summer bean and corn salsa salad. After a long day I needed something quick, yummy and refreshing. This recipe from was just what I needed. 

What you'll need:

1 can black beans, rinsed & drained
1 can black eye peas, rinsed & drained
1 can diced tomatoes with green chiles, drained
2 cups frozen corn kernels, thawed
1 medium red onion, minced
4 jalapeno peppers, seeded & chopped small (leave in the seeds if you like it spicy)
1 cup Italian salad dressing
1 bunch of cilantro, chopped

What you'll do:

In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients. Cover & refrigerate at least 30 minutes before serving.

Bon Appetit

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Chocolate Avocado Pudding - 3 Versions (Vegan Included)

Two weeks ago one of my best friends offered me her homemade avocado pudding. The combination of chocolate and avocado seemed strange and a bit gross to me but I'm always open to try new things so I dug in. It was creamy and delicious. Giddy with excitement I decided to try making it myself a few days after my first tasting. Here are three versions that I've tried and loved thus far.

Version 1 - Nut Butter

Here's what you'll need:

-2 ripe avocados (It's REALLY important that the avocados are ripe!)

-1/3 cup pure cocoa powder

-1/3 cup pure honey ( substitute agave nectar)

-3 tbsp. coconut oil

-1 tsp. vanilla extract

-1/2 tsp. chia seeds (optional)

-Justin's Honey Peanut Butter (Almond butter or any other nut butter can also be used)

-Fresh fruit for topping (optional)
Here's what you'll do:
Place de- pitted avocados, nut butter, cocoa powder, honey, coconut oil, and vanilla extract into your food processor or high speed blender.  When everything is sufficiently blended into a creamy consistency feel free to sprinkle some chia seeds or any fruit. I tend to leave my pudding in the refrigerator for about 15- 20 minutes before I indulge.

Version 2 - Almond Milk

Here's what you'll need:

1 ripe avocado, peeled + quartered

1/4 cup cocoa powder

1/4 cup raw agave nectar (or  honey)

1/4 cup almond milk (chocolate almond milk can also be used)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Here's what you'll do:

Put all the ingredients in blender or food processor then blend until smooth.

Top with fresh fruit and/or whipped cream, serve and enjoy!
Version 3- Vegan

Here's what you'll need:

2 ripe Avocados

2 - 4 ripe Bananas

1/4 of cocoa powder

      Here's what you'll do: 

Peel and de-pit the avocados and throw them in a food processor or blender. If you don’t have a mixing device of some kind you can do it the old fashioned way and use a fork to mix everything up in a bowl. Next, add the bananas and the cocoa powder for the chocolatey taste.  Add honey to the mixture, or just throw in a few extra bananas for s sweeter taste. Once everything is fully mixed place your concoction into the fridge to chill for a bit then enjoy.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Water fasting - Day 4,5, & 6

This post will be about days 4, 5, and 6. 

Day 4

Day 4 was very hard. Early in the day I began to feel very nauseous. Sipping on water with lemon helped. Along with the nausea I started experiencing lower back pain. I've never had back issues so I was a bit confused.  Last year after a fender bender I injured my coccyx so I figured that that was probably the cause of the lower back pain. While reading about other peoples experiences with fasting on cure zone I saw that someone had experienced lower back pain as well. The cure zone poster did a salt water flush and felt better after. In the past I tried a saltwater flush and was painfully unsuccessful so I immediately  decided against attempting a salt water flush again. Between the nausea and back pain I decided that it was time for the dreaded coffee enema. 

I was extremely nervous and a little grossed out by the concept but I figured it that I might as well give it a try. I purchased some organic coffee at my local health store and an enema kit from Walmart. I watched a few videos of  others performing their DIY enema's on YouTube and went to town. After one attempt I felt lighter (duh) and within an hour my lower back pain was all gone. Woo hoo.

According to the Gerson Institute  the purpose of coffee enema's, " not to clear out the intestines, but the...water in the enema stimulates peristalsis in the gut. A portion of the water also dilutes the bile and increases the bile flow, thereby flushing toxicbile (loaded with toxins by the glutathione S
-transferase enzyme system) out of the intestines. Doctors at the University of Minnesota showed that coffee administered rectally also stimulates an enzyme system in the liver called glutathione S-
transferase by 600%-700% above normal activity levels. This enzyme reacts with free radicals (which cause cell damage) in the bloodstream and makes them inert. These neutralized
substances become dissolved in the bile, are released through the bile flow from the liver and gallbladder, and are excreted through the intestinal tract."
Day 5

Had to go to NY to get some important and time sensitive business done. By day 5 I would still experience nausea but I still wasn't hungry. Don't get me wrong I wasn't hungry but I was tempted to eat. My new bestie became weakness. I couldn't run up or down the stairs at home or at work as I normally do. If I got up too quickly I'd feel very faint. I decided to take the train for my daily work commute and I also took the Amtrac to NY. There was no way I could drive  anywhere without putting myself and others at risk. Before leaving for work on day 5 I did another coffee enema.My tongue would still produce the ketosis induced white coating. As I stepped out of the train and to the streets of NY I was surrounded by the delightful sights and smells of food. Decided to do myself a favor and hit the sack early.  

Day 6  

The morning of day six was difficult. I was tired and weak. After taking care of some business I did a bit of retail therapy. While shopping a family member made the observation that they hadn't seen me eat since Ive been in town. Busted. After shopping it's customary that we get a bite to eat, sometimes a snack or a full meal and thus time was no exception. I contemplated telling them that I was on a fast but I was 100 % sure that they would all think that I was crazy. Instead I spinelessly ordered water with lemon and a fruit salad consisting of sliced pineapples, mango, grape, strawberries, and kiwi.

I admit, the first bite was sinfully delicious and full of guilt all at the same time. I couldn't finish my salad which was odd because normally I could down an entire medium pizza pie myself with no problem(shameful I know). I also realized that the taste of the fruits were overwhelmingly sweet.  Anyway, I broke my fast and felt guilty about it. Guilty because I felt like a shady teenager up to no good sneaking behind my parents backs but I also felt bad because I broke my intention to fast for atleast 7 days. Regardless of my shortened fast I'm happy with my results thus far. I feel lighter and have lost a total of 13 pounds. I'm sure that the pounds lost is a combination of water weight, waste, and body fat. I'm pretty sure that some of the pounds lost is body fat because I went into ketosis very quickly. During ketosis our bodies uses our fat and a bit of muscle to fuel our bodies. The process of ketosis is much more complicated but a simple Google search will provide a wealth of information.  

I would not recommend prolonged water fasting to most. Not only is water fasting difficult to complete but it can be very dangerous as well. Blood pressure and sugar levels drops drastically and for some this can be fatal. ALWAYS consult your physician before attempting fasting especially a prolonged fast. Instead I would recommend juice feasting. If your interested in a less drastic but quite powerful way to cleanse your body and improve your health I would recommend that you watch  a fascinating, entertaining, and informative documentary called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.   

Overall Thoughts and Observations:

Water fasting was difficult not because I was hungry but because of the wicked mind games my head would play in an attempt to get me to eat. It was very odd to me that even after 6 days of not eating solid food that I wasn't hungry at all.  I've realized that most of the times that I eat it isn't out of hunger but because its become a mindless habit, a past time. Even more shocking is the amount of crap that's still stuck in our bodies even after days of not eating. Those two coffee enema's were gross but definitely provided great benefits. 

The weakness experienced from fasting after a few days is no joke. If youre ever going to do an extended fast I implore you to be careful while driving. If possible stay away from driving and vigorous activities all together.

I'll definitely be doing a 7 day fast annually. Perhaps even two but I'll definitely continue to enjoy lots of fresh green juices, tea's, water and my favorite coconut water.

Live long and prosper.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Water Fast - Day 2 & 3

Instead of doing a blog post each day I've decided to do them every two days.

Day 2   

I was surprised by just how much energy I had and even more surprised by the fact that I still wasn't hungry. Don't get me wrong I was very tempted by the sights and smells of food but I realized that regardless of the temptations I wasn't truly hungry. I drank about 3 liters of water but had to learn when to drink more and when to drink a bit less because the trips to the bathroom was putting a hamper on my day. it's annoying and not very productive to be running to the bathroom all day at work. I teach so it's a definite no no. I experienced no headaches or unpleasant feelings. Now this may be TMI but I'm willing to be very frank with you all and admit to the fact that I didn't have a bowel  movement. I was able to get about 6 hours of restful slumber. Below is a photo of my fasting time on day 2.

 Day 3

Day three was definitely different than day 1 and 2. While I continue to feel energized  and wasn't hungry I felt overwhelmed with nausea. I'm not talking about peek a boo nausea; no, this was consistent I'm not going anywhere type of nausea. To alleviate this issue I decided to infuse my water with a bit of fresh organic lemon juice. The addition of the lemon was my saving grace today. Whenever I felt the nausea coming on I would sip on the lemon water infusion and I immediately felt better. Also my mouth had a weird and somewhat unpleasant after taste today. To fix that problem I bought and used a tongue scrapper. Still no bowel movement on day three. I had so much energy that I decided to go to a Bikram yoga class. It was fun and intense. Since I sweated so much in my yoga class I'm sitting here typing this blog post and sipping on some water to replace all of the hydration lost. I'm hoping that day four brings me just as much energy and a bit closer to giving my body the ultimate detox. Oh and btw I'm planning to do a coffee enema tomorrow. Yikes. 


                                                                 Live long and prosper... 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Water Fast Day 1

Today was the first day of my water fasting journey. I'm intent on detoxing the crap outta my body. Pun intended. For the next few days I'll be consuming nothing but water. No tea's, juices, yummy treats; nothing but water. Each day I aim to drink about 3 liters of water. Here's a breakdown of my first day.

7 a.m. - Woke up at 7a.m. sharp. While getting ready I oil pulled with coconut oil for 20 minutes. It was weird not going to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee or tea and toast. Oddly enough I wasn't hungry. The habit of thinking of and eating food was there but no hunger.

12 p.m. - Still no hunger or hunger pains. I'm full of energy and clear headed. So far I've had about 4 glasses of water and a few trips to the bathroom.  So far so good.

3 p.m. - Ick, experiencing a gross after taste in my mouth. Definitely will be getting a tongue scrapper and extra toothbrush after work today. Still full of energy and no hunger pains.

11 p.m. - Still not hungry. I feel no hunger regardless of the fast that I'm bombarded with images and videos of food via the television and on social media. Still feel energized and no aches. I plan on drinking the remainder of my water and attempt to get at least 7 hours of sleep tonight.

I did no exercising today but I intend to do some light cardio tomorrow for about 45 mins. I've read that some people continue to workout during extended fasts while others where unable to because they were too weak. I'll be listening to my body while I fast. If after attempting to work out I feel too tired I'll stop and do some yoga or rest instead.

While doing research for fasting I came across a handy little article about the stages of fasting. According to the article the first two days of fasting is as follows for most people:

Stage 1 (Day1-2)

On the first day of fasting, the blood sugar level drops below 70mg/dl. To restore the blood to the normal glucose level, liver glycogen is converted to glucose and released into the blood. This reserve is enough for a half day. The body then reduces the basal metabolic rate (BMR). The rate of internal chemical activity in resting tissue is lowered to conserve energy. The heart slows and blood pressure is reduced. Glycogen s pulled from the muscle causing some weakness. The first wave of cleansing is usually the worst.

Headaches, dizziness, nausea, bad breath, glazed eyes and a heavily coated tongue are signs of the first stage of cleansing. Hunger can be the most intense in this period.

Today has been considerably tolerable so I'm hoping that tomorrow will be the same. I've been using a pretty cool little app called Quitter from the App store that tracks my fasting period. The app is meant for smokers trying to quit but I added since my last calorie instead of cigarette and it totally works.

Live long and prosper...

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Family Cancer Scare - Holistic Healing with Water Fasting & Coffee Enema's

It's 4:42am in Baltimore and sleep eludes me. My mind is racing with so many thoughts that it's almost impossible for me to seek solace in slumber. While speaking to my mom earlier today I found out that my grandmother has cancer. After losing a loved one a few weeks ago this news came as a shock to me. I'm surprised, worried, and saddened. Within the past five years I've lost two aunts on my fathers side to cancer and now my grandmother (fathers mother) has fallen victim. As a 30 year old woman I can't help but worry not only about my grandmothers health but about my health as well. I find comfort in the written word so for hours I've been reading up on holistic approaches to cancer and of course the Gerson Therapy popped up.

 "The Gerson Therapy is a natural treatment that activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic, vegetarian diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements."

As a Caribbean girl I'm well aware of the overall health benefits to be gained from using natural herbs and remedies. Growing up my grandmother (mothers mother) would make all sorts of concoctions to heal my ailments. Most of which worked when I took them. (Sometimes I would pretend to take them but spit them out because they tasted vile) Anyway, I've been giving great thought to actually trying a 10 day water fast starting this Sunday. I figure what better way to allow my body to heal itself. After my fast I plan to continue with juicing more and minimizing my intake of processed, unhealthy carbs. Here's my plan of action.

  • 10 day water fast
  • 3-4 coffee enema's total (The coffee enema's scares me a little, but I'm willing to try it.)
  • Oil pulling twice a day(I've been oil pulling for the past week for oral hygiene and so far it's been a miracle. I intend to continue oil pulling while fasting.)
  • Take multivitamins every other day( I use a multivitamin and Omega 369)
I've fasted in the past for religious reasons but the longest I've done is a 3 day fast. I'll be blogging about my 10 day fast and my experience with the coffee enemas. I'll be talking to my cousin who is a physician in order to be sure that my blood pressure and sugar levels etc are well monitored while attempting this fast. I'm still fully awake but it's almost 5am so I'm calling it a night. Time to shut my laptop off and attempt to get some rest. Hope all of you are doing well.

Live long and prosper.  

Monday, April 7, 2014

Guilt Free Nutbutter Chocolate Cups

So you love Reese's pieces but feel a bit guilty after inhaling the entire bag of the yummy treats in one sitting. It's ok, you're not alone. Here's a quick and dirty recipe for a healthier but no less delicious peanut butter and chocolate treat. You're welcome. =)

Here's what you'll need:

  • 1/2 cup Coconut Oil (I used the Trader Joe's coconut oil)
  • 1/2 cup Honey
  • 1 cup Peanut Butter (Use your favorite type of nut butter. Almond butter is great)
  • 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla extract
  • 1 cup Chocolate
Here's what you'll do:
  • Blend coconut oil, honey, peanut butter, and vanilla extract in a mixer until smooth. 
  • Melt you chocolate in a double boiler. DO NOT OVER-HEAT THEM. It makes them gritty and tough.
  •  Line your muffin tin.
  •  Pour a tablespoon of melted chocolate into the paper liner, and brush the chocolate up the sides, no need to be exact. The chocolate will harden almost instantly as you brush it up the sides. 

  • Fill with the nut butter filling then cover  with a bit of chocolate (just enough to cover the nutbutter)
  • Store in the refrigerator or in the freezer then enjoy.

Live long and prosper. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dangers Of Not Removing Your Makeup. A Must See!

Image courtesy of The Huffington Post

I know we all get lazy when it comes to washing off our makeup from time to time. Personally, I don't wear makeup everyday but when I do on occasion I've been guilty of being too lazy to wash it all off. Whenever I didn't wash the makeup off I've noticed that my pores become huge, my acne flairs up, and my complexion looks dull. I came across a blog post with the dangers of not washing your makeup off each night and I just had to share this information. One woman decided to create her own experiment in order to figure out what would happen to her skin if she didn't wash her makeup off every night for 30 days. Yikes. 

Prior to and after the experiment her skin was closely monitored. The results of this 30 day experiment is definitely an eye opener for me. Needless to say I will never ever neglect to wash my makeup off every night. Here's a video of the experiment and the results from the show The Doctors.


Live long and prosper...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Crazy Beauty Secrets That Aren't So Crazy

Let's face it us women are always looking for ways to enhance or maintain our youthful glow. I'm willing to bet that I'm not the only one who has tried some crazy things in the quest for perfection. Well here's a list of seemingly crazy things that packs a punch when it comes to maintaining that healthy glow from the inside out. The great thing about the tips I'm about to mention is that there all natural. 

Macadamia Nut Oil to Moisturize Your Scalp, Hair, and Skin

Macadamia nuts are high in palmitoleic acid, a naturally occurring fat found in your skin. When rubbed into the scalp and skin macadamia nut oil gives your scalp and skin the moisture it needs. Moisturized scalp means healthy hair. Try giving your scalp a relaxing massage once a week and you'll note a significant improvement. I love to do this when I'm doing my weekly hair deep treatments. If you've got incredibly dry skin then this is a must have. Trust me on this one. During the winter months my skin is incredibly dry, using macadamia oil relieves the dryness quickly. Macadamia oil is found in most health food stores.

Dragon Fruit to Reverse Skin Damage

This little delicious gem grows on cacti and contains lycopene, a red pigment also found in tomatoes. Lycopene is known for helping to reduce damage to the skin when exposed to the sun. Dragon fruit are also rich in cartenoids, another excellent antioxidant. I know, I know it looks odd but it's delicious and with the added benefits it's a win win situation.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Smooth Hair & Beautiful Skin

Apple cider vinegar helps to strip hair of built-up residue, such as from styling products or certain shampoos.  Create a simple yet effective concoction consisting of ACV and water. Use this is as a final rinse for beautifully soft and smooth hair. I also love to use ACV as a toner for my skin. If you're squeamish about the smell don't worry it disappears after a few minutes. 


Oranges & Lemon Juice for Soft Feet and Clear Skin

Research has shown that orange acids actually have a calming effect on the skin. Orange juice foot bath soothes and restores dry, callused feet. Combine the juice of a few lemons and oranges with essential oils in a basin of water to help calm the skin. Then, add a simple sea salt scrub to exfoliate the skin. Finally, add some lemon-scented lotion for extra moisture. Tada! Now you've got soft great smelling feet. 


Wine for Youthful Skin

Enjoyed in moderation, wine can actually be good for you, by helping increase good cholesterol, reduce heart disease and some cancers. It also turns out that the polyphenols that give red grapes their dark color can also help reverse the signs of aging. Eating red grapes helps the elastic properties of the skin by strengthening the cross-linking of collagen, thereby reducing wrinkles. For a quick wine facial  I combine a cup of yogurt, 2 spoonfuls of honey, and 4-5 tablespoons of wine for a powerful anti-aging mask. While my mask was working it's magic I leisurely drank some wine and nibbled on dark chocolate while my Spotify playlist took me away. Don't knock it till you try it.


Honey for Beautiful Hair

Honey is a powerful humectant that grabs onto and holds water. For a great hair mask, combine a little bit of olive oil, 1 egg yoke and honey. Coat your hair with the mixture and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse away for soft and shiny hair. As someone who's hair requires ALOT of moisture I vouch for this DIY hair mask. Sounds gross but it works.  

Chili Peppers for Revitalized Feet

Soak those tired toes with chili peppers to stimulate circulation. After a long day is wearing heels and running around  this tip will give your feet the pick me up it deserves. Togarashi peppers, a type of Japanese chili pepper, contain a chemical that actually induces warmth. Mix them with warm water and soak your feet for 10 minutes to awaken and revitalize feet. Bonus for the Red Hot Chilli Pepper reference in the photo. =)

Coconut Oil for Healthy Skin & Strong Nails 

Used in many countries around the world, coconut oil contains strong antioxidants that help to soften the appearance of fine lines. Though it doesn't replace the need for SPF, it’s also a natural sunscreen and a wonderful way to reverse any type of skin damage from the sun. Simply rub this rich oil on for softer skin. Also, try rubbing some coconut oil on your nails and around the cuticles. You'd be surprised how much stronger your nails will be after a month or so. I use coconut oil on my skin, in my hair, and even in my coffee . Shoot, I even eat straight from the bottle. 

Garlic for Strong Nails

Yep, you read correctly. Take some chopped garlic and simply rub it on your nails and let it sit on there for about 15-20 minutes before your bath or add it to a bottle of clear nail polish. Let it “stew” for 7 to 10 days and then paint onto nails. This fortifying polish will make your nails super strong. Trust me on this one. I've always had brittle nails and this little trick worked miracles for me. Three of the top things that has worked for stronger nails has been using garlic, coconut oil, or using a good quality multi-vitamin. Right now I'm using a supplement called Hairfinity. I'll be doing a review on it within the month.   


Lemon and Sugar for Young Hands and a Clear Complexion

Our hands are one of the first areas of the body to show the signs of aging, so here's an all natural age busting scrub to combat aging hands. Create a thick paste by mixing sugar with a little lemon juice. Rub into hands. (Be sure there are no cuts on your skin or the lemon juice will sting.) The citric acid from the lemon helps to lighten dark spots on the skin, and the sugar sloughs away dull, dehydrated skin to reveal glowing, younger-looking hands. This scrub is also great for your elbows and knees. I've personally used this on my under arm areas and on my knees and have had great results. Of course strong chemical creams works quickly but if you're concerned with the potentially cancerous potions being absorbed into your body this is the perfect solution. 

There you've got it ladies. These are some weird sounding beauty tricks that all work exceptionally well. What are some of your odd sounding tips that are tried and true. Don't be selfish...sharing is caring.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winterize Your Car - Must Have Products You Should Have In Your Car To Brave The Wicked Winter Blues

As someone who has lived on the East coast for years I'm very familiar with wicked winters.  I hate to drive and I hate driving in the snow and ice even more. Awhile back I did a post on winterizing my home and today this post will be about winterizing your car. Anyone who lives in a region that experiences harsh winters knows all too well how unpredictable and cruel the winter months can be. As a single woman I'm a huge proponent of being prepared for any scenario.  Here are some  emergency items to get you started on your way to self-sufficiency and preparedness.
survival items


Little lightweight LED flashlights are super long-lasting, surprisingly bright for their size, and frequently on sale. They’re a great value for the money and you can stash them in all the different places you might need them. I've got one on my key chain that comes in very handy from time to time.

survival blanket
A reflective emergency blanket could be the best $2 you ever spend if you’re stuck in a cold place for a while. Weather you're stuck in the cold while camping or stuck in your car for a while during a snow storm this little blanket will use your body heat to keep you warm. 


This is a no brainer and a necessity. These little life savers can be found on Amazon or Walmart. These litle gems are easy to find and are a necessary during the winter months.


  I hate cleaning off the snow and ice on my car. The ice on your windshield can be a pain of a chore. This little spray comes in super handy and it's very inexpensive. 

You never know when you may need them, and having them with you could mean the difference between winding up stranded or making it home safely.

 Cold weather can wreak havoc on your car and make it difficult to start. Keeping jumper cables on hand is always a good idea and could help you avoid an unpleasant or potentially life-threatening situation.

 Sure it may seem weird to lug kitty litter around all winter, but if you get stuck, pouring a little around your tires can create the traction you need to get unstuck. (Tip: The non-clumping kind works best.)

SHOVEL. Duh...
Having a shovel is pretty self explanatory. You'll need this bad boy to dig your car out. It's definitely a must have. Trust me on this one.  


 Pliers, screwdriver, adjustable wrench, pocketknife, duct tape, rope. You don’t have to be MacGyver to make use of a few handy tools, and your ingenuity may surprise you in extreme circumstances.

If you've been out in the snow and ice trying to free your vehicle, you’ll likely be wet and freezing. Keep a change of clothes, including socks, gloves, hat, and boots as well as a blanket or sleeping bag. If you have to wait it out in your vehicle, at least you won’t have to do it as a human popsicle.

In colder temps, the body can last longer without water, but nevertheless, it’s still highly recommended that you include water as an essential part of your winter car kit. You should also include nuts, energy bars, high-protein snacks, or a Twix bar if you're Twix obsessed as I am.  


 Keep a fully stocked first aid kit and an extra supply of any additional medications necessary. If you're diabetic or asthmatic etc ensure that you have the necessary back up meds in your first aid kit or your purse. I almost always have my inhaler and pain killers in my handbag. It’s also a good idea to know what’s in your first aid kit and how to use it.

                          PORTABLE PHONE CHARGER

I know I'm not the only one who has silently cursed my smartphone when my phone battery runs out of juice just when I need it most.  Having a small but powerful portable battery charger can help you out in a pinch; some can even charge your tablet, too. Just throw one of these handy little gadgets in your bag, car, or pocket and you'll never find yourself without a power source when you're on the go. 

                            CAR TUNE UP & OIL CHANGE  

Right before the winter begins make sure to get a full car tune up at your local mechanic and also ensure that your tires are winter ready. Change your car's oil according to the manufacturer's recommended intervals. In extreme conditions, switching to synthetic oil, which is less susceptible to thickening can be very helpful. 

survival items hand sanitizer

When you don’t have easy access to soap and water, you can fight infection by using an alcohol-based sanitizer to clean your hands before and after treating injuries. I'm somewhat clumsy and independent. That combination means when I'm trying to do something I frequently get cuts or burns. If it's winter time and your stuck somewhere having a bottle of hand sanitizer may come in handy when your hands are dirty. 

activated charcoal

If your digestive system is turned upside-down while stranded, without access to a store, pharmacy or medical facility, activated charcoal can be your best friend. Activated charcoal is used in hospitals worldwide for patients who ingest drugs or chemicals and has saved countless lives.
What are some of your must have in car winterize products? Feel free to share.  Stay warm and safe my friends.