DIY Ornament Wreath

It's Fall and I'm obsessed with DIY's to transform my apartment into a holiday season cocoon. I love wreath's and wanted to try my hand at a DIY ornament wreath. I already had most of the things needed so I figured why not re- purpose my old wreath and ornaments into a new cheerful, welcoming wreath for my visitors and neighbors to enjoy. 

Here's what you'll need:
  • Foam ring or green wreath
  • Ornaments
  • Hot Glue gun w/ glue sticks
  • Patience  & Holiday Cheer (Corny I know) =)
 Initially I bought a foam wreath but remembered that I had an old green wreath in storage so I took it out and removed the poinsettia flowers and other nick nacks that were originally on it. I forgot to take a picture of the ugly original wreath but here's a picture of the naked green wreath and the foam wreath. 
With my wreaths ready to go I had to figure out the color scheme I wanted for my creation. I had a box full of ornaments from years past. For a minute I was tempted to do the traditional red and green wreath but decided to try a silver and gold wreath instead.
Naked wreath (check), ornaments & color scheme decided (check), time to get my glue gun and get to it. FYI: I used a high temp glue gun and mini glue sticks. 

I like to place my glue gun on a piece of aluminum foil as a precaution just in case some glue drips from the nozzle. Any leaked glue globs will land on the foil and not on my table or anything else. Some people would recommend removing all of the metal tops off of the ornaments but I didn't because the green hides most of the metal tops but feel free to do whichever works best for you. When gluing the ornaments to the wreath it's also recommended that you use the larger ornaments to the bottom and the smaller ones to the top. The smaller ornaments will cover any awkward looking spaces left in between the large ornaments.
So about 15- 20 minutes later I was done. I used about 80-90 ornaments total and used about 7 mini glue sticks. 
And there you have it folks. I spent a total of $4.77 to create my ornament wreath. I spent $2 on two canisters of large ornaments from my local dollar store and $2.77 for a package of 30 multi temp mini glue sticks from Walmart. I reused my old wreath and small silver and gold ornaments. Instead of spending $79 on an ornament wreath from Pottery Barn I created my own for $4.77. Well actually it'll be less because I only used only seven out of the 30 glue sticks in the package. That's a whopping savings of  approximately $74. Happy Holidays to me. Even if you don't have an old wreath on hand you can get green or foam wreaths from your local dollar store, Walmart, or Michael's etc.  Glue guns are pretty inexpensive. You can get one with prices ranging from $3- $10. Hopefully this post inspires you to create your very own holiday ornament wreath.  

Happy Holidays  

and as always 

Live long and prosper ...

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