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Winterize Your Car - Must Have Products You Should Have In Your Car To Brave The Wicked Winter Blues

As someone who has lived on the East coast for years I'm very familiar with wicked winters.  I hate to drive and I hate driving in the snow and ice even more. Awhile back I did a post on winterizing my home and today this post will be about winterizing your car. Anyone who lives in a region that experiences harsh winters knows all too well how unpredictable and cruel the winter months can be. As a single woman I'm a huge proponent of being prepared for any scenario.  Here are some  emergency items to get you started on your way to self-sufficiency and preparedness.  flashlightsLittle lightweight LED flashlights are super long-lasting, surprisingly bright for their size, and frequently on sale. They’re a great value for the money and you can stash them in all the different places you might need them. I've got one on my key chain that comes in very handy from time to time.

survival blanket A reflective emergency blanket could be the best $2 you ever spend if you’re stuck in a c…

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