2014 DIY Creepy Halloween Makeup looks - Part II

This is part two of my DIY Halloween looks post for 2014. These creepy masterpieces doesn't require much effort or product but produces spectacularly spooky results.  Enough of the chit chat let's get straight to it. 

                The Purge Makeup Tutorial 

 This look is clearly from the movie The Purge. Using a bit of paint, eye shadows and patient MadeYewLook creates a creepy looking replica of the popular mask from the movie.  



                Cheshire Cat Makeup Tutorial 

 This look combines my love for the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland and makeup artist MadeYewlook. This spooky treat requires a bit of time and a few supplies but is well worth the effort.  

                 Jeff the Killer - Creepy Pasta

If you're going for gore or shock-factor, this look should do the trick. It may take some time, but believe it or not, it doesn't require a lot of complicated materials.Check out the tutorial by YouTube user Pinkstylist to see how it's done. 


                   Smiley - Makeup Tutorial! 

 This is one of my all time favorite DIY Halloween looks. It's scary and so different to most of the looks out there. I'm seriously considering doing this look this Halloween. This tutorial is by makeup artist Pinkystylist and it's sure to cause a stir. 

 Would you use any of these looks? What will you be this Halloween? Happy Hunting.

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