DIY Creepy Halloween Makeup Looks

This year I'm especially focused on Halloween makeup looks as opposed to getting a store bought costume. As a self proclaimed DIY addict there's nothing better that putting time and effort into your project and having it turn out amazingly. All you'll need for most of these looks is some face paint, a brush, and these tutorials. If  you're looking for a few makeup ideas to scare everyone around you then continue reading this post.

This is one of my absolute favorite looks. It's crazy and oh so scary. All that's required is some time and makeup. Below is a video demonstration of how to achieved the killer clown look done by Melissa Bernard.
I'm a huge fan of Face Off on Syfy. It's a great show where gifted makeup artist create amazing sci- fi characters. One of the artist's named Laney creates amazing pop art inspired characters and this makeup look is perfect for anyone wanting to create a bright, beautiful pop art look.

                                               POP ART

Check out the video below to recreate this look done by Emma Pickles.   


Will the fans of Alice In Wonderland please stand up. This is the perfect queen of hearts makeup tutorial I've ever seen. If you love great makeup looks then you have to look into Kandee's Youtube channel. Her bubbly personality and makeup skills will keep you coming back for more. She also has a great Edward Scissorhands tutorial you may want to check out as well.    

Keeping with the Alice In Wonderland theme here is an amazing Cheshire Cat look that's sure to turn heads. Check out therealkatsketch channel for great tutorials.

                          TIM BURTON'S CHESHIRE CAT 

There's nothing creepier than a freaky looking doll. Below is a video by Melissa  showing how to bring out your inner scary doll.
                                   SCARY DOLL MAKEUP


You can't have Halloween without a pumpkin. Here's a great and simple pumpkin head makeup look that will put everyone in the Halloween spirit. This video is also made by Melissa on her Youtube channel.          
                           PUMPKIN HEAD MAKEUP

Skeletons go hand in hand with Halloween. Here's a simple makeup look that you can rock with some leather or anything black. Check out this video by one of my favorite You-tubers Promise Phan or simply study the picture below and create your version of a sexy skeleton look.  

Unzipped Face

If you're going for gore or shock-factor, this unzipped face look should do the trick. It may take some time, but believe it or not, it doesn't require a lot of complicated materials.Check out the tutorial by YouTube user BeautyByBrig to see how it's done.

                                     Split Jaw Zombie

If you've been keeping up with The Walking Dead, you'll appreciate MakeupbyMel's disgusting split jaw look inspired by the series.

 Check out her tutorial for the details.


Prefer older horror? If you're a fan of Clive Barker's Hellraiser series, you'll love this totally creepy Pinhead look.

Check out the video by UnlimitedElizabeth to find out how you get those nails in your head!

                                        Exposed Muscles

This is one of the simpler ones, since you can do it all with just some eyeliner and face paint. You could also add some brighter reds or some fake blood to make it even gorier. Check out sasakiasahi's video to see the process.

                      Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas
This tutorial by dope2111 will transform you into a near-perfect Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.



To complete your costume, make sure to add some stitches to your arms and legs as well. Bonus points for detachable limbs!              

                                         Swamp Thing

Want something truly grotesque? This disgusting Swamp Thing look by goldiestarling should do the trick. Guess what the secret ingredient for the texture is? Rice Krispies! Just add a Ghillie suit and you're all set. Now, if only they sold costumes with regenerating limbs...

                                  Edward Scissorhands

This Edward Scissorhands look by Emma Pickles is so close to perfect, at first glance you'd almost swear you're looking at Johnny Depp himself. Think you have what it takes to look like Depp?


                                           Chelsea Grin

Few things are scarier than the idea of being a torture victim. So, freak out your friends with this Chelsea grin tutorial by LetzMakeup.

If you want an updated Joker this Halloween, the above Chelsea grin would improve upon his signature Glasgow smile tenfold. Just be sure to think up a good kidnapping story!

Would you use any of these looks? What will you be this Halloween?Still looking for inspiration? Check out tons of videos on YouTube you'll be sure to fond something frightfully delightful. 


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