Ghost & Mummy Cupcakes

Whether you're having a Halloween party or just making some cupcakes for your family and friends here are two quick and easy cupcake recipes that requires little skill or fuss. No need to worry, you probably have all of the ingredients to make these ghoulishly delicious treats. You don't need to be the best baker or cupcake decorator to make these bad boys. If you're interested then here's what you'll need.  

2 boxes cake mix
2 jars ready made White Frosting
Pasty bags
Red Gummy Candy/ M& M's
Chocolate Chips


Bake the cupcakes as per directions listed on the back of the box.

Use a pastry bag with basket-weave tip to pipe on white frosting.

Use a circular motion to create your ghost like cupcake topping and use crisscross motions to create the mummy cupcakes.

Use red M&M's or little chunks of red gummy bears for the mummy's eyes.

If you use the small chunks of red gummy for the mummy eye then place a mini chocolate chip to the middle to give it a better effect.

For the ghost cupcakes place three chocolate chips to create eyes and a mouth. 

There you have it folks. Simple, quick, and in expensive ways to create two delicious and easy Halloween inspired cupcakes.

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