Water Fast - Day 2 & 3

Instead of doing a blog post each day I've decided to do them every two days.

Day 2   

I was surprised by just how much energy I had and even more surprised by the fact that I still wasn't hungry. Don't get me wrong I was very tempted by the sights and smells of food but I realized that regardless of the temptations I wasn't truly hungry. I drank about 3 liters of water but had to learn when to drink more and when to drink a bit less because the trips to the bathroom was putting a hamper on my day. it's annoying and not very productive to be running to the bathroom all day at work. I teach so it's a definite no no. I experienced no headaches or unpleasant feelings. Now this may be TMI but I'm willing to be very frank with you all and admit to the fact that I didn't have a bowel  movement. I was able to get about 6 hours of restful slumber. Below is a photo of my fasting time on day 2.

 Day 3

Day three was definitely different than day 1 and 2. While I continue to feel energized  and wasn't hungry I felt overwhelmed with nausea. I'm not talking about peek a boo nausea; no, this was consistent I'm not going anywhere type of nausea. To alleviate this issue I decided to infuse my water with a bit of fresh organic lemon juice. The addition of the lemon was my saving grace today. Whenever I felt the nausea coming on I would sip on the lemon water infusion and I immediately felt better. Also my mouth had a weird and somewhat unpleasant after taste today. To fix that problem I bought and used a tongue scrapper. Still no bowel movement on day three. I had so much energy that I decided to go to a Bikram yoga class. It was fun and intense. Since I sweated so much in my yoga class I'm sitting here typing this blog post and sipping on some water to replace all of the hydration lost. I'm hoping that day four brings me just as much energy and a bit closer to giving my body the ultimate detox. Oh and btw I'm planning to do a coffee enema tomorrow. Yikes. 


                                                                 Live long and prosper... 
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