Family Cancer Scare - Holistic Healing with Water Fasting & Coffee Enema's

It's 4:42am in Baltimore and sleep eludes me. My mind is racing with so many thoughts that it's almost impossible for me to seek solace in slumber. While speaking to my mom earlier today I found out that my grandmother has cancer. After losing a loved one a few weeks ago this news came as a shock to me. I'm surprised, worried, and saddened. Within the past five years I've lost two aunts on my fathers side to cancer and now my grandmother (fathers mother) has fallen victim. As a 30 year old woman I can't help but worry not only about my grandmothers health but about my health as well. I find comfort in the written word so for hours I've been reading up on holistic approaches to cancer and of course the Gerson Therapy popped up.

 "The Gerson Therapy is a natural treatment that activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic, vegetarian diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements."

As a Caribbean girl I'm well aware of the overall health benefits to be gained from using natural herbs and remedies. Growing up my grandmother (mothers mother) would make all sorts of concoctions to heal my ailments. Most of which worked when I took them. (Sometimes I would pretend to take them but spit them out because they tasted vile) Anyway, I've been giving great thought to actually trying a 10 day water fast starting this Sunday. I figure what better way to allow my body to heal itself. After my fast I plan to continue with juicing more and minimizing my intake of processed, unhealthy carbs. Here's my plan of action.

  • 10 day water fast
  • 3-4 coffee enema's total (The coffee enema's scares me a little, but I'm willing to try it.)
  • Oil pulling twice a day(I've been oil pulling with coconut oil for the past week for oral hygiene and so far it's been a miracle. I intend to continue oil pulling while fasting.)
  • Take multivitamins every other day( I use a multivitamin and Omega 369)
I've fasted in the past for religious reasons but the longest I've done is a 3 day fast. I'll be blogging about my 10 day fast and my experience with the coffee enemas. I'll be talking to my cousin who is a physician in order to be sure that my blood pressure and sugar levels etc are well monitored while attempting this fast. I'm still fully awake but it's almost 5am so I'm calling it a night. Time to shut my laptop off and attempt to get some rest. Hope all of you are doing well.

Live long and prosper.  

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