Green Tea the best all Natural Mouthwash

I'm a self proclaimed tea lover. What's not to love it's delicious and has a variety of health benefits. While browsing my YouTube subscriptions I came across a video by Dr. Greger focusing on finding the best mouthwash. I was blown away when he stated the tremendous benefits of  green tea as a mouth wash. Who knew that green tea is such an amazing treatment for oral problems!

Why Green Tea as a Mouthwash


The problem with commercial antiseptic mouthwashes is that they contain lots of chemicals that helps with the plague and bacterial growth in your mouth but have negative effects to your body. According to studies Chlorhexidine (CHX) which is included is many popular mouthwashes causes genetic/DNA damage.  Using mouthwash with CHX was shown to cause damage to the cells lining the cheeks. While CHX reduces plaque but the fact that its so toxic to human cells makes me wonder why it's being sold openly to the public.   
Green tea contains catechins and flavonoids. The flavonoids in the tea prevent pathogens from growing in your mouth, and can suppress the compounds that make your breath smell bad. Dr. Greger recommends that you use a mason jar to store your cold steeped green tea in. He also recommends the addition of a spoonful of amla powder to the concoction. Amla powder has been linked with a vast range of health benefits which includes  fighting off free radicals connected to cancer,heals mouth ulcers, strengthens gums,maintains cholesterol levels etc. The recommended type of powder is dried Indian Gooseberry Amla powder  The concoction can be made into larger batches and stored. If stored in an air tight container the green tea mouth wash can last up to a month.  
Attached below is the video from Dr. Greger explaining his findings and recommendations which includes scientific proof for his recommendations.

Live long and prosper
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