Nut Butter Love

The name of my blog is indicative of my love for all things nut butter. Hello my name is Crystal and I'm a nut butter lover. I absolutely love peanut butter and just about every other nut butter out there. I've eaten it by the jar and on almost everything imaginable. The problem is that most store bought nut butters have ingredients like maltodextrine, added sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil, mono- diglycerides, and salt. Tasty? Yes. Convenient? Definitely.  If you eat a lot of store bought nut butters often you can easily consume excess calories but most importantly you're consuming an excess of lab made unhealthy additives and preservatives.

Don't be intimidated by the notion of making your own nut butter. I assure you that it's ridiculously easy to make and it doesn't require much ingredients or time. Just like it's store bought counter parts it can be made super creamy or deliciously crunchy. Some of my favorites are made from peanuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds (Yep, you read correctly. I said sunflower seeds). No added salt, no added oil, no added sugar. No preservatives. These things aren't needed at all. But some people choose to add them to get the taste and consistency that they like.


Use your food processor/ food chopper  

(You can use the Ninja, Vitamix, or you can use the machines at Whole Foods)
Nuts (which ever nuts your prefer)
Place the nuts in the processor/chopper
Keep blending until it's the consistency that you prefer
Store the creamy/crunchy goodness in a jar

Homemade nut butters will last for a few weeks but you'll love it so much that it probably wouldn't last that long because you'll be hooked.

Note: Some people add honey and/or cinnamon. Some even add a pinch of sea salt. Feel free to experiment and customize to taste.

See! Super simple  and absolutely delicious and best of all you know exactly what you're consuming. No hunches or guesses. No preservatives and additives that you can't pronounce. 

Bon Appétit =)
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