Feel The Burn - Great Fat Blasting Calorie Burners

There are some great calorie burners that don't take long but are extremely effective in torching those unwanted calories. Most of these fat blasters will burn fat while they tone muscle. There's a common misconception whereby most women believe that building muscle will somehow result in them looking like an extremely muscular bodybuilding competitor. This is so wrong; as a woman it's of great benefit to you to build lean muscle. Lean muscle makes you stronger, it aids in flexibility, and it improves your natural body shape. Your arms and legs look strong and lean the way they were intended to. Most importantly lean muscle improves long term fat loss. Muscle burns fat even when you're at rest. If those reasons aren't great enough to inspire you to gain some lean muscle then I don't know what will. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. You can do these fat burning exercises as your daily workout, or mix them in with your current exercise schedule. Either way, you'll be melting that fat away like crazy.


Jumping rope burns more calories per minute than almost any other modality (about 10 calories per minute). Yep, that's even more than running. Combine jump rope with some toning moves like squats or crunches and you've got one powerful fat melting and body sculpting workout.  Jumping rope improves your stamina and strengthens your legs, butt, shoulders, and arms. If you do 10-minute sessions each day that's 1,000 calories a week so providing that you're eating clean you'll be seeing results in no time. Jumping rope is also a great way to fit in an effective cardio session when you're on the go; just toss it in your carry-on.   


Interval running is one of the most common calorie burners. This form of running will burn more calories than running at one continual pace because your heart rate is continually changing, making your body work harder. New research is showing that interval running at three different speeds will increase fat loss and endurance. Try adding interval training into your usual run schedule once a week to see great results!


Plyometrics first became famous as a form of Olympic training. This exercise uses fast expansion and contraction of the muscles, increasing muscular power. Plyometrics works multiple areas of the body at once, increasing resistance and muscle tone. It is sure to get your heart rate pumping and those calories melting away. An hour of plyometrics can burn anywhere from 200 calories to 600 or more, depending on intensity.


Hot yoga is a form of yoga that uses 26 poses in 105 degree heat over ninety minutes. There are three parts to hot yoga with a break between each. Hot yoga has seen its fair share of controversy, but has not been found to be dangerous for healthy adults. This form of yoga will increase flexibility, workout intensity, and mental capacity. One ninety minute session burns about 1,000 calories. Yes, you read that right: 1,000 calories.


Swimming can burn over 300 calories per hour and is a great cardio option for those with joint pain. People who suffer from fibromyalgia and arthritis find swimming to be one of the best, and most painless, forms of exercise. Those with fibromyalgia may even see a reduction in pain after swimming. Pick three to five different strokes and complete them all over a course of an hour. This will give a great upper body workout, and switch things up enough so you do not get bored.


Kickboxing is an intense workout that leaves no muscle un-touched. This calorie torching activity will give a whole body tone and burn 600 plus calories an hour. Kickboxing is also a great way to increase your body’s range of motion. If you are not sure about a class quite yet, try a workout DVD at home. This home workout is bound to melt that fat away faster than many gym sweat sessions!

One of the best parts about these calorie burners is that you just might forget how hard you are working. These activities are all super fun ways to lose those unwanted calories. What are some of your favorite ways to workout?


At approximately 25.7 calories per minute it is a great workout and if you are doing it right a lot of fun. 

Live long and prosper =)

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