Island Style Boiled Corn

As a West Indian I grew up eating this treat. It's my favorite way to enjoy corn. It's simple to make and the result is a creamy, flavorful comfort food.


1 cup coconut milk
1 cup water
Salt to taste
A generous amount of ground black pepper to taste
Minced hot pepper to taste
4 sprigs fresh thyme
6 ears young corn


Add all the ingredients except the corn, to a large pot and place on medium heat. Stir to mix and dissolve the salt.

Add corn to the pot with the coconut milk mixture. 

Turn the heat to high, cover the pot and bring to a boil. 

Once the pot comes to a boil, remove the lid and let continue to cook on high heat until all the liquid has been absorbed and the coconut milk cracks (this is indicated by small bits of white curds from the coconut milk).

Serve warm or at room temperature.
Enjoy =)
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